Current project: stage design for a small festival

Hey folks! So, a friend of a friend has some private land and is doing a small festival/dance party. He asked me to make some kind of lighting for the stage. I’ve never built a permanent installation (mostly wearables in the past), and this was super fun to build.

The build is fairly simple - a 40’x48’ piece of plywood, muzaca led diffuser channels cut at 45 degree angles, a few pieces of 1x2 pine as spacers, 430 ws2815 leds, a 300 watt power supply (overkill, I know), and a pixelblaze with sensor board attachment.

Huge shout out to the sound sequencer pattern. It makes this thing come alive, and I’m super excited to see how this runs with a proper dj setup and 3.5mm sound inputs rather than the basic mic.

I’ll upload some pics of the build process when I get another minute.



lmao, completely unrelated but i’ve got that exact same hacksaw and miter box hahaha do we shop at the same large box store

watched the video, it looks amazing. have you applied the 2D mapping yet?

Oh you bet I mapped this :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 8.52.15 PM

I used the mapping from a google sheet where I laid it all out, was pretty easy.

I think I got my stuff from a local hardware store, but I feel like they all stock the same things :stuck_out_tongue: Dewalt is my default these days.

wow this is so cool! do you need the sensor board attachment to get that sound reactivity so spot on like that?

Yup. It’ll have a line-in feed for the stage setup, which I’m excited to see. Will see it in action in about 6 days. I’ll try to get some video of it and upload here.

That is so cool. I have a piece that is going to a party at the end of this month, i would love to be able to do this with it! i wonder if that sensor board attachment would work with the ws2812b’s or how you even mapped it with a google sheet?! i have been trying to map one of my pieces forever. that is next level man i love it

Check out this project:

I used that to generate the mapping code for the pixel blaze by inputting the led numbers into a google sheets spreadsheet and then copying it over. It’s a really amazing tool :slight_smile:

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I just got back from the event, and I have some more videos I’ll upload of it! The videos don’t do it justice, but it was so amazing! Love how easy it is to make things like this.


I think I want to build some fixtures that sit behind the DJ and are activated just by different frequency bands, but I also have to figure out how to get the sound inputs to reach both (probably just use a 3.5mm splitter, but you know… that distributed inputs via firestorm is looking really really nice right about now).

@hex337, check out this beta post that just dropped:

It will let you share audio to a group, and sync, etc.