Need advice for mapping and/or pattern

Does it kind of resemble this, but with more diffusion?

Do you mean StarGen 2D pattern?
Yes, yours video looks similar to what I am seeing.

Certainly I can run this pattern but I did not find it neither in the built-in library
nor on the web library.
Could you please email me a link to this pattern?

It’s in the web library as Red-Green XY 2D Sweep

Ran this test on 16x16 matrix and my spiral picture frame.
Pattern looks about the same on both displays.
On the spiral shape looks a bit oval.
On the 16x16 Red lines goes top-to-bottom, green green goes left-to right.
On the spiral colors are swapped.

Does this makes sense?

No, what do you mean it looks oval?

And if the colors are swapped, your axis are swapped too. Easy enough to fix (if only cause you’ll drive yourself nuts if they are)… Just swap x and y in map.

I meant rectangular outlines is not sharp.
Here is a link to a few videos how Lines, Twirls and Star looks on the Picture Frame:

So far it looks good enough but I am sure, can be done much better.

I can redo even physical LED layout but I am not sure what will look better.
Should I replace this Double-side Spiral with 32x32 Matrix with better/different diffuser?
If “yes” which diffuser will you recommend? Picture Frame size is 12x12 inches.
The request is: LED Dots must not be visible.

Ah, the videos make the problem clear:

You have “edges” due to the “walls” of the strip itself. So you see rounded edges despite the straight lines. There are no LEDs at the corners, so at best you’ll see splotches of color, leading to the rounding.

I’m not sure you’d better removing the spiral, and going to something more matrix. I’ve done a bunch with canvas and LEDs and the secret is absolutely distance from the canvas, and it’s also directly related to brightness. So brighter LEDs, closer LEDs, you can see them more. If you experiment with it, perhaps you can find a good distance but that also increases the depth of the frame (which of course is limited)

Another option, sideways strips but non spiraled… You might not even have to do double sided, depending on the distance of the strips. You will likely want to twist the strip 180 so all of the LEDs face in the same direction, and you’ll have faked an matrix that is indirect since the LEDs light sideways.

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I was thinking about this option and may try it. Thank you for the advice.
I guess, instead of twisting strip 180 it is better to cut it in a pieces and rewire.

I ordered few black transparent 12x12 acrylic sheets. Let me see how this will work.

This one was my very first attempt to light up a picture.
Good news - it is near 100% approved/accepted by my wife. So, I’ll leave it “as is”.
With the next one I’ll try to do a better job.

Balcony Lights was very easy project (complete and approved 100+%).
Scrolling Text project was a bit complicated but finally also complete and approved.
Picture Frame lighting projects are not easy but I am learning.

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