Offsetting patterns on a 2D matrix

Is there a universal (pattern agnostic) way to shift or offset the ‘viewport’ of a pattern on a 2D matrix? I have an irregularly shaped matrix where the visual focalpoint is not the center of the world coordinates. Was hoping there was a universal PB transform approach to offsetting the X and Y by a few pixels each so that patterns with a discernible center look more centered. Thanks!

Since the coordinates are normalized, I think you can move the center by adding an extra pixel. It won’t be rendered, but it will be accounted for in the normalization.

You’re suggesting adding extra (phantom) pixels to my pixel map? With or without adding them to the pixel count on the Settings screen? I may try to play around with that and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion.

Yep, if additional coordinates are added to the end of the map they don’t impact any pixels, but the mapper takes them into account when figuring out how large the “world” is.


@ironhalo - in addition to the phantom pixel technique, I also wanted to point you to ZRanger1’s recent post about the scale() and translate() APIs:

This might also help you with what you’re looking for.