PB - Multiple Output Expanders

Does anyone have a picture or wiring diagram of a PixelBlaze wired to multiple output expanders?

The 2 required connections are GND and DAT, these are all shared between every expander and PB, and fed from the DAT from Pixelblaze. You can either power them with the same positive supply as PB, or power them separately.

E.g. here’s two sharing power:

The trick is to give them different addresses. On the small ones, thats cutting jumpers, on the pro there’s switches.

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So rather than make a new thread this one seems a good one to jump off of! So the cube is nearing completion (300+ hours wooo!) and i just picked up 4 PBs with 4 output expanders since im gonna have 32 wired channels. Will i still need yo cut the jumpers on each one or will Firestorm handle it and just need to program them?

(should probably keep this one a thread about your cube project)

Separate PBs + expanders don’t need to do anything with the expander channels, thats only if more than one is on the same physical data line. Firestorm (Apr '23 edit: and/or the new sync feature) don’t know/care about that level. Each PB is basically running free, independent of the others, with animation time bases kept in sync. Likewise when you map them, each PB will have their own slice of the map.

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Thank you sir! Cleared up that and a few others I had been bouncing around in my head especailly with the mapper being where animations get separated! Will start deep diving in to threads soon!

Thanks for the diagram! I ended up pasting it into my client’s design doc haha