Save/Load Map Config

I have a PB setup that is specifically setup to be put together quickly and organically depending on the party/space. This works great generally, but I find myself manually editing my maps each time, sometimes quite painfully on my phone.

Would be great if I could save/load maps with a name, similar or as an extension of the “load example” ones. (perhaps don’t let me overwrite a built in one).

That way I could have a few preset ones of my own (tree, waterfall, 6 channel dome, …) ready before the party.

I often don’t know the setup until 2-3 hours before the party starts.

One idea that might help, your map source can have a bunch of stuff in it, and you can use some variables to switch around between multiple maps. So if you have a few common ones and utilities, you could have all that in the code even if it is only used sometimes.

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That’s a good point, will put my various maps inside a big if/switch statement… Thanks.