V2.25 Startup Issues - Orange Light? - LED colors are wrong

Newbie setup issues -
What does the orange light indicate, please. It is on.

In hsv space I’m getting h=0 => blue; h=0.33 => Red… etc.
If I go to rgb space, rgb(0,1,0) gives blue!

ergo, I’m getting the wrong colors.
Any ideas?

Hi @JustPete,
You can change the color order in settings. Once you get that set up right, hue 0 is red, 1/3 is green, and 2/3 is blue.

The orange status LED tells you about Pixelblaze’s status. It flashes once every time it powers up, 3 times for setup mode, and then glows dimly when connected to Wifi (or when ready in AP mode).

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Thanks so much! Works great now.

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