10 meter neopixel strip?

Looking for 10 meter, 60 pix/meter WS2815 (12v) to match what I already have.
I haven’t been able to find on aliexpress so I’m wondering if any of you have seen 10 meter strips available? I’ve successfully soldered 2x 5 meter strips together but would rather avoid that this time if I can get 10m.


I might be able to.
Do you want waterproof or non waterproof. I will ask one of my suppliers.
If they can I will PM you.
One question for you, do you connect the power to both ends? As I have found 10m normal rgb strips tend to fade if power is connected to only one end.

I am looking for the water resistant type that is sticky on the back and has a silicone layer on the top I think they refer to it as Ip65. I need the 12 volt type which is WS2815 to match what I’ve already got hooked up. Thanks for checking!

Ok. Will let you know when they give me a reply.

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