[1D Horizontal] Halloween pattern contest

Seems like we have enough time for a contest before Halloween.

As asked for here, let’s come up with as many 1D Halloween patterns as we can, but they have to look good HORIZONTAL…

So columns of dripping blood or ooze, or fire, or lightning strikes are all out. They look great, in a window, or a lamp… But not on a ceiling or roof running across. That’s your target: a row of lights mounted purely horizontal.

That’s your limit.
Post code here.
Deadline: October 28th, leaving some time for people to add it to their PBs.

There will also be entry categories for diagonals, verticals, and Miscellaneous (windows, etc)… So think about what you could be doing…

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Useful links will be collected here:

Jeff’s suggestion to use a Halloween Palette on existing patterns

If only you could do 2D… But maybe someone will spot a 1D they like

I’m not linking to the House Projection videos which are way more 3D than 2D (and yet so amazing). See ProjectThisHouse.


The lights are installed on the gables of the roofline so they are diagonally upward.
contest idea is GREAT!!!

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Bump reminder:

You have just over a month still to submit entries.

The main contest is horizontal 1D.
But any other Halloween themed entries (1D otherwise, or 2D) are still allowed, as a secondary contest.

Reminder: one more week to submit your entry.

I’ve just uploaded Halloween color twinkles, a variation on Color twinkles that makes orange and purple twinkles (with some varying hues).

Edit: looks like I’m reinventing the wheel!


Haven’t seen any entries for this contest yet…

Bueller? Bueller?

Halloween color twinkles doesn’t count, or am I disqualified? :laughing:

OK the only other idea I had was blinky eyes, like a pair of dots that blinked well, like eyes would blink. I’m totally fine if someone wants to take this idea and win with it :slight_smile:

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You are a bit disqualified. :laughing:

Hopefully, after the tutorial series, we’ll have lots of new folks who will enter the next contest.

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