2 Strips, 1 pixel blaze, 1 strip flickering

Hey guys, i’m driving 2 SK6812 strips with pixelblaze, separate power supplies. One of the strips on most faster changing patterns, starts to flicker and having sporadic color changes. This didn’t happen when I initially installed it.

One power supply drives a strip and pixelblaze, while the other power supply drives the other strip. Shared data and ground to each strip. Any idea why one strip is starting to freak out? I tried changing out power supplies and pixelblaze, no luck. Is it the strip that went bad?


It certainly sounds like you might be right - it might be one strip going bad.

I also have had issues sometimes connecting two strips to one controller. We had a thread on here a while back that talked about signal reflection issues and the length of the wire to each strip can play a role.

Are you able to test things out by disconnecting one or the other and possibly moving the Pixelblaze closer to the flickering strip? Rechecking any strain-sensitive connections may help as well. For example, I have a beloved strip I’ve moved so many times that it’s traces are starting to go and I see similar intermittent behavior.