2D Touch Screen

I was playing around with the LED Labs app, and I liked a feature where you could touch in a square and the mapped leds respond in various ways.
We could arguably do this with two sliders (xy) and a touch button, but is there a way we could get a new 2D slider that registers touches in xy cords. Does this already exist?

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That would be neat. I think it would go well with a 2D preview as well, where clicks/touches on the preview could send an event like UI controls.

Right now, you could “creatively repurpose” the HSV picker. Ignoring hue, you can get x and y coords from saturation and value based on the 2d location within the color picker gradient.

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Creatively repurposing is my favorite MO
Will def try that thank you
Is the there any way to sync those xy values across two PixelBlazes?