30Mhz Data speed?

The newer HD107s spec says 30Mhz data transfer. I don’t know if the hardware of the ESP8266 is even capable of it… but if not what about the coming ESP32 rev? :slight_smile: I know someone is going to ask “why?” and the only real answer I have is “Someone made a chip that claims it does 30Mhz, someone needs to make a controller that can do it and test that sucker” :smiley: It may need to do some kind of shielded twisted pair to get the signal there… but “details”
Ben could ways put a warning next to the option that says “use may cause unexpected results up to and including creation of a blackhole. Use at ye own risk”


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Not sure it will help the frame rate much, but we should hold those manufacturers to their advertisement specs! :laughing: