3d mapping a Christmas tree

RIghto, the tree went up last night, 250 of the little bullet lights I had running on wled last year, before I came across pixelblaze.

Now what are people’s best approaches to 3d mapping them?

I see this has done this in the past amazingly well with pixelblaze XYZ sweeps on 3D mapped tree - YouTube

And there’s this online calculator https://led3dmap.lights0123.com/ does anyone have a pixelblaze pattern that can make this work?

Otherwise I was thinking 2d mapping it and fudging the 3rd dimension by hand

Hey @munkisquisher!

I made the video you linked. I published more info this year about it, including the map, in this post.

Happy holidays!


Yes, looping them into an easy to map ring would have been much smarter than zig zagging them back and forward into every little gap!


Two evenings in and man I am almost there mapping my 5 strings in Maya, making a rough model of the room, lining up 3 videos and and triangulating points by hand.

Is this faster than just rewiring the tree? No
Would I do this again? No
Does it look great on the tree? Hell yes!


so I placed a bunch of locators to get the paths of the lights, connected them up with a curve, rebuild that curve so it has 50 equal points, then a little python to print out the wordspace of each point

Paste that into the mapper and done!


That is impressive and quite an interesting technique!

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And of course it wouldn’t be fair to post this without some video https://imgur.com/a/hjFC02j