3D printed 16x16 matrix frame

Hey All,
I wanted to share a 3D model I made.

It uses a standard part I think most of you already have if not you can get one here ( Amazon 16x16 matrix ) I was tired of having a flimsy matrix so I made a 4 part case that has a slim profile and folding leg to view at multiple angles. Also includes a slot to hold the pixelblaze on the back plate. Works great for testing and visualizing patterns. As a bonus I made the matrix divider the same thickness as the foam from the matrix packaging so it can be replaced and used as a diffuser or paper/plastic film can be cut to size and placed over the divider. Easy to assemble and requires no glue or screws. This is version 3 and Iā€™m currently working refining further.
thingiverse link to files