3D printed ball

Hi all - I also posted this on the LEDs are awesome page - but I thought it would be cool here as well. This is a geodesic sphere with 192 pyramid shapes held together with dovetails. I’m trying to figure out a signal issue running a Teensy with 12 FastLED lines in parallel. It has led me to finally buy an oscilloscope so I can stop guessing. While I’m doing that - I’ve been playing with PixelBlaze in earnest for the first time. Here are some animations. The first one was written by me - the rest are all preexisting animations in the PixelBlaze library. Some are 3D and others are simple 1D chases that look good in 3D anyway.

Overlapping Waves


Hey Chris - this is beautiful. I’ve been following your posts on LAA about this for a while. Thanks for sharing.

Absolutely gorgeous :smiley:

Oh, fantastic! I’m building something sorta similar, So this is really cool to see. Great Job!

Can you share your custom 3D pattern?