3D printed mount

I needed a 3D printed mount for my Pixelblaze PCB, so here it is for all to enjoy…


That’s awesome! Any way I could Venmo you to ship me a couple?

Just got em in the mail. They work great. Thanks!

Updated link to the for-sale version of the mount:

or if you have your own 3D printer:


Will this also work with the V3?

Hi @SeaLaVie,
The V3 Standard is almost identical physically to the V2+, however the mounting hole on the bottom right was removed. It looks like the print has columns designed to fit in the mounting holes, and if the bottom right one was trimmed it would still work as a support without lifting the PCB too much. The antenna is slightly larger, but nothing in the mount conflicts with that.


Thanks @wizard exactly right, just snip the lower right plastic tower with some wire cutters and your V3 board fits just perfect!

Note I’ve updated to rev2 of my mount which fits both V2 and V3 of the Pixelblaze board…

  • rev2 has cut-outs to access the solder pads on the back of the Pixelblaze board
  • rev2 has LH or RH embossed on the side
  • rev2 makes the USB plug area larger to accommodate larger plugs
  • rev2 has taller pegs and corner support for melting over with soldering iron, thus preventing Pixelblaze board removal