3d printing for expander and sensor boards

Is there a file somewhere posted online to print for the pixelblaze, in my case it would need to fit the expander and sensor board.

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I am working on a project for kids and I used Tinkercad.com to modify a case design that I found online. I have included the .stl file for the modified case and photos of how I soldered together the Pixelblaze + Extension Board. The case has been modified from the original version so that once the PB + EB are installed, you can access any feature (wiring block harness, reset button, etc.) without having to open the case. Screw size: M2.3 * 8 Hope it’s helpful.



ice very cool, but i dont see how the expansion board can fit inside it.

Looks like the sensor expansion definitely fits, maybe not in addition to one of the 8 channel output expaders.

Thanks, Kamehana, for including the .stl.