8-channel expansion board for APA102

Is it possible to run the 8-channel expansion board with APA102 chip LEDs? I totally misread the specs on it when I purchased one; whoops. I assume not, because I don’t see any specs to do so, but wanted to double check.

I’m working on a new version that will do just that, but it will be a hardware upgrade as well. I will release it very soon.

The new output expander can run both at the same time, and will support up to 600 apa102/sk9822 pixels per channel, or 800 RGB ws2812/sk6812 (600 for RGBW).

You have to use one channel for clock, but that clock can be shared by multiple data channels, so e.g. you could have up to 7 apa102 data channels driving strips.

That would be absolutely incredible. I didn’t think things through, and bought a bunch of custom length https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/programmable-waterproof-IP67-5V-APA102-christmas_62332236249.html for the project I’m designing, and then realized the 8-channel board doesn’t work with it.

When you say “very soon” what do you mean (approximately!), or do you want any beta testers? (I’d of course gladly pay for the board, and still give feedback)

The below is probably the worst wiring diagram you’ll EVER see, however the green runs are the APA102 strands, blue are data lines, the black is the PixelBlaze, red is power, and brown is battery, in case you’re curious what I’m designing! It would be in theory possible to run this off a single run of data, but it’d be a lot harder to wire and less durable, I think, and besides I’d still need to inject power.

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Cool! I have the basics working, but it could use testing! There’s one more thing I want to add, maybe release it in a week or two. Shoot me an email with your deets for a beta.


What amazing timing! I shot you an email.