8x8 matrix from the store not displaying properly

Here is what it looks like. Colors change regularly but randomly.


export function beforeRender(delta) {
  t1 = time(.1)

export function render2D(index, x, y) {
  v = x + y < 1.1
  hsv(0.3, 1, v)

Map, set to Fill:

function (pixelCount) {
  width = 8
  var map = []
  for (i = 0; i < pixelCount; i++) {
    y = Math.floor(i / width)
    x = i % width
    x = y % 2 == 1 ? width - 1 - x : x //zigzag
    map.push([x, y])
  return map


  • LEDs: 64
  • Type: WS2812

Data wire is in the right place, and soldered well to DIN.

What have I overlooked?

Hi @paulwb ,
That is an RGBW panel. You can tell because half of the LED has a yellow phosphor coating for the white LED.
You need to pick one of the color order settings with a W in it, like GRBW.

Oh! I thought the LEDs looked a bit different.

That fixed it, thank you.

Some LEDs in the permanently dark area flicker green sporadically.


Supply is at 5.11 V and, as you can see, the data wire is only a few inches.

That might be a problem with the panel. It’s strange to me that it seems to be the same green level that is flashing on the other LEDs. Does that stay consistent with other colors/patterns?

I haven’t noticed it with other patterns. Most of what I’ve been running has been multicolor. Strange.

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