8x8 matrix smd connector

I just bought some of the 8x8 panels and realized that they had no connectors/wires. I’d like to solder on some right angle JST SMD connectors so I can easily swap out different cable lengths, etc… Does anyone have a suggested connector / part number? And I think the pads are 2.5mm pitch but I’d be interested in confirmation. Thanks!

Yes, 2.54mm pitch (0.1 inch). I don’t have a part number handy, but most JST SMD connectors will work, though wouldn’t have additional support soldering contacts, so you might want to add some glue (superglue usually works well).

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Thanks! I couldn’t [ easily ] find anything on digikey or mouser that was exactly what I wanted so I just went ahead and soldered some 0.1" male headers on to get up and running. If I find a supplier / part number I’ll post back here.