A place to stash new ideas

Decided that my PB “wish list” aka “never ending Todo list” might as well be public, since others might contribute ideas/suggestions or point me in the right direction… (Or maybe implement it themselves, nudge nudge)

Starter ideas for patterns:


Boids (swarm algo)
example: https://github.com/jqlee85/boids

Boid fireflys (glowing swarm)

Tetris (inspired by https://www.instructables.com/500-LED-Pixel-RGB-Brick/)

Fireplace: fire but 2d
Radar scan… With blips

Clock face, with hands
Also Pseudo 7segment led clock?

1d strip pattern ideas:

both analog (someone started here Making a Clock, a Couple of Questions )

And also digital (binary?) clock Or maybe counter of hours, minutes,.seconds, think like a steel ball clock)

Also a word clock like https://www.instructables.com/Minimalist-3D-Printed-RGB-Word-Clock/

Replicate the variety of generic patterns on cheap controllers (200+ patterns, most of which are just color variations but a few good patterns worth cloningg that don’t exist yet

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Stranger things ghost-y spelling: put led string next to letter on wall and have them spell stuff. Could be quite fun… Can the PB get external data? News feed via The Upside Down?
Or present texts on a timer, or sensor data triggered.

Alternative: Morse code… Dots and Dashes scrolling…


Weather/temp gauge. See https://www.instructables.com/WeatherMatrix-Lamp/
Maybe as a cloud? (So 1d strip, inside cloud…)

Magic wand (sensor expansion, pico, battery, a few LEDs inside a wand, and viola, gesture based led magic!). (related to poi/light staff?)

Stargate dial and spin