Accel seems weird

Im spinning my pixelblaze in a cylinder with X/Y pointing outwards and Z upwards. Stic its all fine and reads 1G in any direction I orient down to. But when I start to spin it, by the time it gets to 2 or 3 revs per second, the Y goes to .49 and stays there, the X reads about -.02 the Z toggles around zero. The expansion board seems fine otherwise…
The X may be correct , as is I think the Z, but has anyone seen a Y axis on the accelerometer
simply climb steadily upwards to .49 and lock there. The Y reading seems to be indication spin speed rather than acceleration on its axis…

Hmm, maybe I better check my solder joints…

Interesting… photos?

Have you tried reorientation as a test? If you make X or Z into Y, do they work as expected? (That would eliminate physical fault)

Yes, it works fine. I found my trouble, my Y axis was offset, not my X, so when the cylinder got up to speed, the Y accel was maxed due to centrifugal force. Thanks for the suggestion, sorry to waste your time.


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