Accidentally erased part of code from KITT pattern:)

Hi all, in my journey to learn how to code for Pixelblaze, I messed with the code of the KITT pattern included in the board, and now I can’t get it to work right. This is not the same as the example in the site or the video walkthrough, there are a few lines Ben added after making the video, so someone who has v3 with KITT included, could you please check this line for me:

// Fill pixels between frames. Added after the video walkthrough was uploaded.
up = lastLeader < leader
for (i = lastLeader; i != floor(leader); up ? i++ : i-- ) pixels[i] =

What I’m missing, is the bit after pixels[I]= in the last line.


btw, is there a repository somewhere with all patterns that are included with the board for cases like mine?

@jeff has a repo I think is most current for v3:


Thanks, I’ll be more careful in the future!