Adafruit Matrix Portal Demo App

The Matrix Portal drives LCD 64x32 panels (Hub75 I believe is the protocol), and if you click on the above link, the demo is a nifty “falling sand” display that thanks to the sensors in the controller makes the leds into grains of gravity sensitive shifting sand.

I’ve bought a couple (and found some cheap panels on Amazon), but of course, I’m pretty sure we can do this with a Pixelblaze/sensor board.

So I’ll likely port that demo app over once I get one in hand. (The glowflow bucket is similar, but that was more liquid and this particular display is more discrete grains. Though I’ll bet a water-y display on those panels is on my to-do list too, imagine having a panel you can “slosh”, with moving LED fish in it.

I do sorta wish Pixelblaze was open sourced as I’m gonna have to figure out to code this new thing too. (It’s Circuitpython, so not too bad)