Adding http:// commands in a future update

I was wondering if its possible in a future update to use http:// commands , similar to the ws:// but using http. I know this can be done using Firestorm.
The main reason I am suggesting this is that I would like to control the PixelBlaze via my Loxone home automation system which can control external things via http commands. And I am not a great fan of adding another layer to my system by having to run a Raspberry Pi or similar. I am also struggling to get Firestorm to work on my Ubuntu laptop. And have a separate post about that.

I second this.

Regular HTTP commands are easier done from the command-line than webhooks (at least in Windows at this point and time) I acknowledge that webhooks are all the rage right now, but when something is inside your LAN only and you want to quickly trigger events plain HTTP calls are easier.

I think what I meant was actually plain HTTP calls

Understood. It’s been on my list, and more feasible with V3. V2 could not handle many requests quickly, so websockets was far better for control.

Loxone scripting is very limited, so you are looking for control via HTTP GET requests where the action information is encoded into the URL, without POST capability. Firestorm has this API today, and I will keep this in mind for this feature on PB itself.

@wizard Thank you. This forum is amazing for help.

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