After Updating from 2.xx to the latest today the web page just displays black?

Board: PixelBlaze V2.7 with Sensor Expansion board

I Hadn’t played with my LEDS in a while so i thought id update and i think it thoroughly broke the thing.
Leds are playing a preset for sure
i held the reset button for 15 seconds and i can access the ad-hoc page where i can do a software reset, connected it back to my homes Wi-Fi and same issue just a blank black background

how do i re-update? im guessing the flash didnt take properly somehow

additionally after perusing the forums for quite some time:
went to and
both give a small text error saying file not found

found another URL and reuploaded a few diff versions to no success

i did notice all the links people give are for http but for some reason it always force corrects me to https:// could that have anything to do with it?

what i need is a USB level force erase and reprogram I’m guessing but the forums aren’t very forthcoming with a download link to the tool ppl have been screenshotting

i also realized id been trying all these steps while it was being powered along with a strip of LED lights so i took it off the LEDS and powered it with a MicroUSB cable and tried everything again with same result : (

interesting bit of info i just found, i went to and its listing my board as

Pixelblaze V2/2+


Firmware: v2.29, active

so it just hasnt been taking the update like at all despite several attempts with “Success” messages being returned…

on a whim i updated it off the /update URL back to 2.29 and i think its working but… what do i do from here? is that the latest i can use?

Hey @alstergee -

First, congrats on all the self-help. It sounds like you did a lot of all the right stuff.

v2.29 is the latest for Pixelblaze v2. You can always check for a newer version in the Settings page, “Check for update” button.

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