Altering firestorm to control remote PB

Wondering if anyone has looked at syncing multiple PB in multiple physical locations all connected to the internet.

Currently I think I could essentially accomplish this by using one PB in each location that was being controlled by different firestorm controllers and all firestorms connect with “home base” - however it would be nice to essentially create a ‘virtual network’ with one firestorm that can push out commands to many IP addresses.

If this has been done, let me know, if now I might try to write some code to make it happen…

Thats an interesting idea. I don’t know of anyone else doing that yet. It’s certainly possible.

Do you have PB on multiple different networks? What is it for?

You could certainly use VPN to put remote machines on the same network, but why would you need to sync PBs outside of visual range? Are you thinking networks within visual range but not within wifi/ethernet range? Interesting idea indeed.