Animated 8x8 Icons

I am looking for adding some sort of animated icons/characters to my Message Board project.
The idea is to display Weather Forecast (for the beginning).
I can relatively easy add custom 8x8 characters (mechanical annoying job to encode them)
for representing Sun, Rain, Wind, etc. but it will be very nice to have some sort of animations.
Is something similar already exist (I did mot find anything)?
Any ideas are very welcome.
But please keep in mind - I am not a professional SW developer.

Take a look at the XBM image format. Many ways to convert an image to this, and it’s basically a c source file. With minimal changes it can be converted to Pixelblaze array literal format.

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Thank you very much for the tip on XBM format.
Actually I found few ready to go icons in 8x8 format.
Things works just fine but unfortunately 8x8 resolution is to…o low.
And as a result many icons do not look attractive (somewhat good - yes).