Anyone know BlinkyLights? Cat6 power injector + rs422 board question

Hi all,

A freeing asked me to help I’m light his vertical wind generator at his house. Which will require some longer runs from the controller to the led strips.

I found this guy “blinky lights” has solved the problem pretty cleanly for a very similar project and wanted to see if I could just buy some of the boards. Does anyone know how I can get in contact with him? I couldn’t find contact details on the blog etc.

Cheers all!

I’m pretty sure that is Joel Spolsky based on him describing this setup on the LEDs Are Awesome Facebook group.

I would try finding his posts on that group (join if you haven’t) and ask him for specific tips. He’s fairly responsive to comments.

I believe it is Joel Spolsky.

Github: jspolsky (Joel Spolsky) · GitHub

As Jeff says, he’s often posting on LEDs ARE AWESOME | Facebook - once you have access to the group, here’s the relevant post of his

Another option might be to buy some MAX485 boards, as he discusses here

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I can confirm that the rs422/rs485 transceivers work well for this. Check the max data speed, these vary and have a tradeoff with impedance matching (slower ones work better on mismatched impedances).

You can get cheap modules on Amazon. These are rated for 2.5mbps and will work for ws2812 or expander data!