Anyone willing to make a few patterns?

I’ve ordered and used two of the Pixelblaze units so far, and I’m beyond impressed! Just don’t have the time to work with designing patterns yet. I’ve got one on my wheel rings, and put another on a motorcycle light kit I did. Trying to find where to upload videos still😂.

But to the point, would anyone be willing to create a few patterns for a few extra bucks? I would be more than happy to pay someone to design a few for everyone to use. Hope I’m not stepping on any toes, just a thought!


What kind of ideas do you have in mind? I wouldn’t do it for money, but it would be fun to have a new idea to turn into a reality :slight_smile:


Really nothing in particular. I’ve got one on a set of wheel rings on my truck. And another on a motorcycle. I’ve just recently learned how to change up a few settings in thr pre-made patterns to get different looks. I can’t find where to upload videos here without it being a GIF, to show what I have so far.

Hi @Illuminationspecs,
Most of the usual places should work, YouTube, Vimeo, that sort of thing. I could enable direct upload here, but the massive sizes of video would complicate running the forum. Photos work though!

1 Like wheel rings 1 wheel rings 2 motorcycle

I’ll do a video next compiled with everything into one. Definitely catching eyes my way though. I’ve been doing this stuff for years with the SP105E, they are loving this!

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Hey Treavor! Welcome to the forums.

That’s super cool that you’d pay someone here to make some that can then be shared. I wanted to first make space for others who might be excited to make some side money via PIxelblaze, but if you have no takers and we’re contributing back to the pattern library, I’m with kylarleds - I’ll help for free.

On the wheel rings, are you using a slip ring to deliver power/data, or is the power and Pixelblaze mounted on the wheel, spinning? I ask because getting some sensor input that’s wheel position aware might be where you could really start to make some otherworldly stuff.


Yeah I have a few patterns that would love to have also. Would be willing to pay also

-Have 4 arrays of leds that I would like to have mirrored down each side. Having each side chase down in sequence then do a double flash of the whole system then repeat over

can you change the sequence of led strips on the fly somehow? Like have arrays 1,2,3,4 go off for a chaser then have 1,3 mirrored with 2,4 mirrored?

@Kylet Using arrays to remap, mirror, and chase is definitely possible. When your board arrives, give it a shot, and post in the forums if you have particular problems, ok!

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If you haven’t yet, I suggest adding a 2d map for each of those…, Maybe a 3d for the motorcycle.

Both will look amazing with some existing patterns.

I have uploaded both 2d and 3d to each, and they do look awesome! Only issue I have is the editor freezes trying to upload some patterns. Like the shimmer crossfade pattern, that’s my favorite one but I’ve only been able to upload it to one controller out of 6