Assembled art project: RGB+UV animated frame

I will make a more detailed video soon, but I finally assembled this thing today and wanted to share the test video!

It’s a deep box picture frame painted with super black paint on the inside, and has two strips of LEDs around the edge which illuminate the rear surface (they are totally invisible from outside). The RGB LEDs make the rainbow-striped fractal animate, and the UV LEDs reveal invisible fluorescent ink which continues the fractal.

Powered by Pixelblaze, of course!

Oh … and it has 3 slider potentiometers attached, which will soon control something more interesting than the brightness. :relaxed:

Just in time for the local burn:


Hey Tom, looks great! & good to know someone else in the area (NL) is building stuff with PB’s for Burns. my current hot mess is headed to Nowhere and find myself having envy of your UV pixels. :slight_smile: