Assistance in mimicking basic controllers mode


I bought a cheapo controller of Amazon and it had this mode for the LEDs called Wave. It looks like it’s the reflection of light off of a pond. Very calming very soothing just what I’m after. My project is outdoor landscape lights that have been retrofitted with adafruit jewels LEDs. I have wiring and hardware taken care of but my issue is I’ve moved to the pixelBlaze (which is absolutely amazing compared to cheapo contoller) but I can’t seem to replicate or mirror the led mode of the cheapo controller. I truthfully don’t know where to start in coding. I was hoping for a better library of patterns to choose from. I didn’t realize how new of a product this was. Any assistance or guidance would be much appreciated

Oh and for reference I’m currently trying the sunset pattern and it’s closer to what I want just not there yet

The function I’m trying to achieve is like shimmering light in the water used for indirect lighting. I think I’m trying to achieve a chasing manner where it slowly cycled thru the all colors as each led turns on in the neopixel jewel, the reflection off the housing reflector makes the light looks like it’s changing directiom therefore giving the shimmering water appearance. I know I’m being vague but any assistance is greatly appreciated

Hi! Welcome to the forums!
Thanks for the praise! Maybe with the two of us we can make this pattern work! Can you post a video?

Hello Sir Wizard oh great lol but seriously thanks for the response let me get a video later today

Hello Wizard,

Can’t get video ATM but what it did was chase the LEDs in each section (7 in each section - adafruit jewels) but let’s say they start as all off, then led 0 comes on then led 1 (without led 0 turning off) then led 2 turns on and then on led 3 turning on, led 0 turned off, led 4 turns on, led 1 turns off. Kinda like the old game snake and as it cycles thru this on every time it turns on led 0 as “first on the snake” the number of LEDs consecutively on increaaes by 1 so on 2nd series 4 LEDs are on, 3rd series 5 LEDs are consecutively on. When all turn on, it resets to 3 LEDs on but in a different color. I’m hoping to be able to select 4 specific colors to cycle thru (maybe in array format so that more or less can be done) and to be able to select the number of LEDs in each sequence. The jewels are 7 LEDs but if I upgrade
some in size or a 24led id choose for array(sectionsOfLed), sectionsOfLed[0]=7, sectionOfLed[1]=24, etc. Not sure if this device is capable or not but I think this would be a great learning experience for me and to help out the pizelBlaze community

I’m still having a hard time picturing the pattern. You can certainly use arrays, and represent colors as hues in them or other variables. You might be able to do what you are looking for with only a few variables.

It sounds like there’s a sequence or progression of the pattern for each cycle, and another bit of state to keep track of the max LEDs to light, and another for the current “head” of the snake.

You could keep track of colors, or calculate them based on state.

Replicating a pattern across multiple rings is pretty easy if they are all the same size. If so, you can use the modulus operator to “wrap” the index for every multiple of some number. e.g. i = index % 7. But if not, then you need some way to know what group a given pixel index belongs to.

Hello to be honest this project became to expensive and will have to be revisited at a later time. Thx for trying to help wizard. I will not be using any other wifi led contoller but yours!