Aynone seen pixel leds similar in this housing?

Once I bought these fixed color (non-rgb) solar leds to decorate my tent from aliexpress.
Actually I was stupid to think that they are RGB by looking at the photos but once they arrived I understand that I was very mistaken :slight_smile:
Anyhow somebody loved it so much and they got stolen after some time :joy:

Now I am looking to find the same design (without solar panel of course) but with RGB (pixed leds) inside so that I can connect PB and make some fantastic decoration.

Anyone seen any RGB leds with this housing design?

I have not, but I’d be really excited to find SK9822s in different strand form factors.

My camp buys many of these WS2811 10 x 50 pixel strands, and for some projects I’ve seen us shove them into drilled ping pong balls or these spun cotton globes.

Adafruit has a Neopixel form factor called dots - they are fairly expensive-per-pixel, but are outdoor rated.

Yes but they’re expensive.


$50 per strand of 40 bulbs.
Note these are 40mm, much larger than the bulbs you got. And the LEDs are double sided for 360 viewing angle.

Half domes are obviously cheaper with one side of LEDs and smaller bulbs:

~$10 per strand of 20

If you’re not 100% tied to spheres, they have some other diffusion shapes


$13 per strand of 20
$27 for 50 bulbs

These are probably the cheapest spheres but again one sided
$24 per strand of 50

but you can see they aren’t as clean as the pricier double-sided bulbs.

Another similar option

$19 per strand of 50

I think those were all WS2801 or WS2811/12B so they should all work with pixel blaze, but check the IC.