Beat Reactive Fractal Art Booth

Hi All,

Just finally set up my sound reactive fractal art booth for the first time! Check it out:

It’s designed to take around the festival circuit so everything’s powered off of my Ecoflow solar battery or individual Li-ion batteries for the portable lights. I’ll be submitting my vendor application for this year’s LIB soon, so I expect that’s the first place I’ll be setting up shop.

After this, I can confirm that the maximum number of followers one Pixelblaze AP network can handle is 10. (Had to disconnect the infinity prism to get all the other lights to follow)

Next steps:

  • Improve the beat reactivity by tweaking my code a bit. (Currently on some beats, it doesn’t jump the color forward enough to be noticeable)
  • Get everything running on my T-mobile mobile router so I can accommodate all the devices at once.

Wow! Most inspiring!

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Very impressive! You’ve created a whole new genre - React/Fract!
It’s also nice to know how many followers the network can handle. I’m only halfway… that means it’s time for a new project. :wink:
Thanks for the inspiration!

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