Beginner question: Is Pixelblaze compatible with PL9823 LEDs?

I’m in the process of planning to do my first big LED project with a 8x8x8 cube and I did check the supported list on the site and saw they weren’t listed but can’t imagine why they wouldn’t work also. Since it is a 8x8x8 cube it needs to be individual LEDs and not strips and I’m not familiar enough with the seemingly endless kinds of LEDs to know if the ones listed have single LED analogues.

I’d really like to do this with the pixelblaze since ease of use is paramount for me as I am hopeless when it comes to programming but the ease of use with the blaze makes this achievable.

Anyways, if those particular LEDs are not compatible, I will take any and all recommendations for individual LEDs with a full color spectrum that would work in place of them!

Given what I consider to be decent info at Timing of WS2812 clones – PD9823/PL9823 – Tim's Blog

It should work … BUT the timing of the v3 PB isn’t as adjustable as the v2 was/is, so it’s entirely possible that it might not work as well on a v3.
@wizard would be able to answer best. I’d guess it’ll work, given it’s close to the ws2812 specs.

Do take photos of the build and videos of the cube!

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They make a ton of loose individual LEDs in WS2812B or APA102 etc. chipsets.
do you want 5mm or 8mm? search aliexpress for 8mm rgb led

This one you can choose WS2811 or PL9823 or APA106 and 5mm or 8mm

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Caution: apa106 is NOT the same as apa102
One (apa102) requires the clock line, the other doesn’t (apa106) like ws281x.

The PL9823 protocol looks a bit different. It’s possible it would be interpreted properly, but I can’t say for sure.

I think I’ll pick up a batch of them and see what happens on a few test runs and will come back with my results for anyone else that might be wondering.

As far as the alternatives for the actual project, I didn’t really see anything with the WS2812b’s that fit what I needed but those apa102s look perfect! I’ll pick up a batch of them too and will go with those for the project. Thanks folks!

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