Best place to buy PixelBlaze from Europe?

Somebody at my local hackerspace told me they’d been stung massively by shipping and import fees to Europe (Germany) when they bought their PixelBlaze. And just noticed Crowd Supply says they have PixelBlaze in stock for USD$18 worldwide shipping. Is this the best option for buying from Europe or would Tindie, Mouser or somewhere else be better?

Here in The Netherlands, I most recently ordered direct from and shipped with Asendia ‘Pirate Ship’ (super cheap because they use local post at both ends) and would do the same next time. I can’t find a record of how the VAT imported played out but if it was horrible I would have remembered that.

Hi @ratkins,
Can you ask your hackerspace friend to reach out to me with the details? I’d really like to know more about how and when those fees get applied and which carrier they selected.

There has been a bit of a problem with Mouser and international shipping, and as far as I know, they’ve stopped shipping anything without CE certification. If you do manage to place an order through them, let me know!

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As a follow-up, I ordered direct and my stuff came promptly (couple of weeks) for the $12 shipping and I only got boned €20 by customs which isn’t too bad. So for future Europe-based thread spelunkers I recommend going straight to