Best way to work on a complex pattern without lights attached

I’m designing some patterns to run in a fairly large installation. I wonder what is the best way to simulate the installation so I can design the pattern, without having all the lights set up to see it working.

My installation will be 8 x 8ft pillars, lit from within. I want to be able to work on the patterns without lugging several pillars around with me.

How do people do this today?

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Hey! Welcome to the forums.

This is really easy on Pixelblaze - lots of us do this all the time.

On the Map tab, just provide an array of coordinates for how your pixels are arranged in X, Y, Z space (or write some javascript to generate that map - lots of examples here on the forums. One loop of 8 iterations calling a line generator would do it.

Then, when you edit patterns, you’ll see the live output on your columns in the preview window even when no LEDs are actually connected. You can orbit this preview in 3D space by just dragging it.