Big tube with cheap spacers is newsworthy?

Covers this:

Which uses a PB to do all of the fun stuff.


So, I just had a main water line break at my place. I wound up digging an 80 foot trench and replacing that entire section. The good news is, I had to buy a 100 foot roll of 1.5" translucent white PEX to do it. I have 20 feet left over, and it is an awesome diffuser.

Tough and resilient enough that you could probably make a staff or lightsaber capable of light contact sparring with it. Pics as soon as I wash the mud off, and set up a section with some LEDs. Sadly though, I don’t have a styrofoam head handy…


Sure, this is a simple easy build – but I also LOVE the idea of using disposable plastic deli container lids to keep the LEDS centered in the main tube for better diffusion. I might steal that trick for something in the future.