Blank patters when running a sequence?

Hello. I’m new to pixel blaze and want to start off by saying thank you to Ben for this amazing little tool.
So I’m trying to get a sequence of patterns that I like going so that they’ll switch every minute or so. But every so often it’ll pull up a pattern (or lack thereof) that’s just dark. No leds, no preview, nothing. and it stays like that for the specified amount of time just like any other pattern. Am I doing something wrong?
As someone suggested before it would be awesome to be able to arrange the patterns in a sequence separate from the “bank” of saved patterns in the list. But for now I don’t mind just compiling my favorites into the list and having it do it’s thing, so long as it doesn’t have a blank pattern pop up for a minute at a time every so often. Thanks for the help and I look forward to chatting with you guys and sharing my projects once I get them on the ground.
Have a great day.

Hi! When you click/tap each pattern in your list manually (not using the sequencer) do they all load something non-blank?

I’m wondering if you have some of the default pattens in your list (named “sound …”) that are included as a demo of the optional sensor expansion board. Those pattens will be blank if the sensor board isn’t connected, because they’re meant to be sound-reactive.


Thanks Jeff. That was the issue. I must have missed one that was labeled “sound.” I was wondering why those ones didn’t do anything and that explains it. Problem solved!

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