Bluetooth audio feeds

It’d be really neat to be able to register a Pixelblaze as a bluetooth speaker for an audio feed. I realize that FFT might be done in a specialized chip on the sensor board and pushing data to the board might not be possible.

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Sure, just get a ‘Bluetooth receiver’ with mini jack output and plug it into the sensor board!

Not an endorsement, just a search result:


I realize there are ways around it, I’m just saying it might be possible to make it builtin.

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That might be nontrivial to do, but technically possible. From what I’ve seen the it can be tricky to get the ESP32 doing WiFi and BT at the same time, and may have usability limitations.

If I did get that working, I would be super tempted to spit the audio out via the DAC, and add a sound output expansion board!

Might be easier and less limiting radio-wise, to have another esp32 on a BT receiver expander sound board. That ESP could receive the BT audio, run the FFT, and spit out compatible sensor board data. Could add a nice codec chip and provide a high quality audio out as well.


Oh interesting! I’m assuming related to the ADC issue that interferes with some GPIO pins when using wifi?

Right, like sharing the one ADC isn’t allowed when the radio is enabled, but in this case its the one radio being shared between different frequency bands / protocol stacks. There’s some interesting bits in that doc link.

On a related note to what @sorceror said, this would be possibly resolved decently by having sound input pads available without desoldering the aux in, then you could stack something like This relatively easily. I ordered some to test with a basic aux connection.