BM project assistance with expander board/mapping multiple strips!


We are building climate change awareness based art piece for burning man with 3 illuminated portal tunnels. Quite new to the LED world.

I’ve successfully wired a single 5.8m strip of the NeonFlex’s to the standard pixel blaze. I am able to connect to the wifi and select from the pre-made pattern bank. Now looking to add the expander board to run 6 of these strips together to light each “ring” of the portal tunnels.

Can someone give me advice on how to address each pixel so the pattern will run across all of the 6 NeonFlexs? We have a very basic understanding around script writing. Looking to have the controller recognize the physical order so Holistic congruency between each of the rings can be achieved.

Help us become Lords of our own Rings

Thank you!

function add(a,b) {
  return a+b;

It sounds like your won’t have to do anything other than wire them up to the expander, and assign the channels start index and counts (the auto button can help too) each strip will then start where the other left off as if it was chained.

Now if you want to then map these into a 2d or 3D coordinate system and run some patterns that can leverage the extra dimension info, then a pixel map is necessary.

If so, can you sketch out what you are making?