Bright LED Strip

What is the brightest LED strip available (from Amazon)?
I am planning to replace my RGBW Kitchen Cabinets LED strip with
Pixelblaze + addressable LED strip.
I bought and tried 24V LED strip based on WS2811 chips each driving 6 LEDs.
I thought, it will be very bright but instead it happens to be very dim.
I can use WS2812b 5V strip (seems to be bright enough) but I will have to run fat
wires to the other end. This is doable but not desirable.
I need min 16.4ft (5M) long strip with 300 LEDs (more is better).
Could you please, recommend brightest addressable strip of course compatible
with Pixelblaze?

COB LED strips might be what you’re looking for. They’re quite bright.

Also WS2815 is bright and runs at 12V. They have a backup data wire so a dead pixel doesn’t bring down the rest of the strip. That’s what I have in a walk-in closet and I’ve been quite pleased.

I saw this strips and may try one.
Unfortunately they are a bit pricy to keep them and don’t use.

I found some customer return ones on Amazon that were $20 off and didn’t have any dead LEDs.

They’re pretty reasonable on aliexpress ($20 less than Amazon, give of take)

Aliexpess is not my source at all.


I tested 4 different addressable strips for my Kitchen Lighting upgrade project.
The strips are (all are 16.4ft 300LEDs):

  • 5V WS2812b (very common strip)
  • 24V WS2811 (6 LEDs per pixel)
  • 12V WS2815b
  • 5V SK6812 RGBW

First 3 are about the same as far as brightness consideration.
And unfortunately for this specific project the brightness of the
above first 3 strips is not enough.

Last one (5V SK6812 RGBW) looks promising IF I can
control all 4 LEDs. Unfortunately this is not a case.
Event thought, in docs Pixelblaze/IO_Expander claims to be
compatible with SK6812 RGBW LEDs in reality it is not.
The details are in my second post: