Bug? - Changing Output Expander LED type - errors

@wizard Hi Wizard… I might have found a bug… I have 8xWS2812 strips on the output expander… all working OK. Then (in attempt to turn a strip ‘off’) I changed the LED types to APA type… strips started flashing…

I switched the Type back to WS2812, but it seems the pixelblaze might be having issues (UI is reporting the CPU is “Stalled” or “Error:undefined”. I’ve tried restarting (power on/off)… removing the output expander/re-adding… but same errors.

example message: “Stalled v3.20 FPS:43.44 Mem:8557 Exp:SB1.0”

This is a V3 running v3.20, with output expander and sensor board.

It sounds like the random garbage data caused too much current to be drawn and your power supply is cutting out and PB is resetting. I would disconnect LEDs and re-configure. If the web page can’t talk to PB, the changes won’t take effect.

Fantastic support (thanks!) T’was freaking me out a little bit… :wink:

Good tip… I’ve removed all strips… that’s got the PB running nicely again and strips back under control… thanks !

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