Bug Report: Reordering playlists during play

Hello !

I have observed a bug:

  • Playlist playing - 60s per pattern / 5s transition
  • Reorder patterns queue to change the next pattern to play (even when there is more than 30s remaining on the current pattern) by placing a pattern from the list below right after the current playing pattern

I have observed different behaviors :

  • simply reordering the queue might restart the current pattern abruptly (like if i was clicking on it, or doing “pause->play”), but not always
  • then when the current pattern fades to black (transition), it either restarts, or moves to the previously enqueued pattern (skip the one i just placed above it in the queue). At this point, the progress bar showing the current running pattern is all messed up and stays on the previous pattern, even though another one is playing

It’s pretty wierd but it makes it difficult to modify dynamically a running playlist, like a music DJ set.
Thank you !

Hello, just bumping this in case the developpers missed it. It’s a pretty annoying bug :slight_smile:

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