Can a playlist freeze or lock up?

Testing a semi-permanent install with some Pixelblazes that will run playlists. I left the Pixelblaze running the default playlist running and it seemed to go for 2 days but then I came to the shop and the light on the output expander was blinking and no LEDs were on.

I power cycled the entire system, logged back into the Pixelblaze and then restarted the playlist everything worked fine. Then it seemed to lock up again.

Is there anything that I should check?

Is there a way to have a playlist automatically start playing if the power goes out?

It sounds like your Pixelblaze is restarting enough times to go into a fail safe mode. This is usually power related. There might be an animation in the playlist that draws too much power on rare occasion and is causing the voltage to drop below the minimum that PB needs. You could try dropping your max brightness setting 5-10% or so.

Thank you, that makes sense. In this particular setup the Pixelblaze is using the same 5V supply as the LEDs. I will run the LED’s at lower max brightness and might add a separate 5v supply for the PB.

Is there a way for the playlist to automatically start if there is a power outage when power comes back on? Plan to have the PB running in an installation for 4 months and assume the venue will switch off power at night.

Playlists should automatically start on power up.

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