Can an image be uploaded to Pixelblaze?

I just ordered and received Pixelblaze v2+, the sensor board and the expansion board. I code in Arduino a bit, and I’ve been looking forward to using these. I’m going to solder the pins and try it out tomorrow with my WS2812B RGB and RGBW LEDs. I also have a 1m APA102 RGB LED strip that I will create a light wand from. I want to wave this light wand, and have an image displayed over the course of 1 second, and then take a picture of it with a delayed shutter. I just described light painting with LEDs. From what I’ve read here, that’s not an off the shelf capability. Does anyone have any idea how to buffer an image and send it over? Do you think I’ll need additional components? I have a Raspberry Pi Zero, a few Arduino variants, and Particle Photons, oh, and an iMac and PC.
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There isn’t image support yet, but some people have used them anyway! Check out this project:

Related question - please forgive the newbiness…

I want to make a clock, and I feel the easiest way to define digits is to create static arrays, but I wonder if I might run into memory capacity imitations?

Hi Elfguy,

The arrays are limited to about 2k elements, but each element can hold 32 bits.

Are you set on using a 2D matrix panel, or are you building it from scratch? You could make a digital clock using the 7 segment approach for that retro look. With LED or bit of strip for each segment, then you’d only need to know if that part should turn on for a given digit.

To use a 2D matrix panel, you’ll need a bitmap font for your digits. Unfortunately there’s no built in support for that kind of thing, but it’s doable.

Thx. I’m using 8x32 panels. My thought was to create static arrays for each digit then write their contents into the display array. After thinking some more, I can probably write 7-segment decoding logic just as easily,

I want the digits to scroll, although that doesn’t influence which method I’d use.

Thx again.

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I’m basically looking for the same thing using an 8x32 matrix! I want to do text though, unfortunately I’m rusty as hell on my coding skills as its been a few years since I’ve written anything. Is there any way someone could do up a simple 1 character example? I feel like I could expound upon an example like that

Isn’t supported yet implying it’s coming? I’d love to have something that could translate rows of pixels from a bitmap into a series of pattern on a light strip. Is anything like that in the works!

Looks like there were some folks working on this late last year…

And I confess that I’ve not managed to get anything done on this… Yet. Consider it moved up the “to do” pile! I’ll see what I can do!


For anyone finding this thread, I posted some code to generate a pattern from an image here.

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