Can’t seem to go into AP mode from Setup

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong

Pico was configured to connect to a network—Client mode.
Held down button until LED blinks.
Find Pixelblaze_xxx, connect to it.
Wifi Setup page comes up.
I select “AP mode” in dropdown.
I enter SSID and password, click Submit.

The text above the button changes to “Unable to connect to that network”. But that’s not what I was requesting.

A power cycle still brings it up in Setup mode.

What am I doing wrong? It’s running the default pattern at low brightness. Running off a lipo, which normally is fine.

I figured it out: I thought I was reloading “” but in fact I was reloading “”, which will take you to the wifi setup page with no other tabs showing in the header, regardless of whether the PB is in Setup mode or running normally.

At least now I have some entertainment while I wait for Uhaul to come replace my shredded trailer tire…

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