Can this be done? Installing 8 channel driver and sensor expansion board

Can I use an external power source in this configuration?

Should I Power the controller with the USB connection and just power the LEDs separately and only use the data line from the pixelblaze?


Hi @Wildersrobles,
Yes, you can power Pixelblaze either way (USB or external back-fed through the terminals/LEDs), though you should never combine both USB and external power. These are internally connected, and could possibly feed one power supply to the other and cause problems.

Your connections look good :+1:

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Hi Ben, so I tried this setup, but I get nothing.

this is the only way i get any output. Please advise

You can inject 5v power that way, but the data would come from the expander outputs. The data pin from Pixelblaze is now speaking to the output expander.

In the settings screen, change the output type to output expander. Then click add board. From the new panel you can configure the outputs.

That worked like a charm thank you!