Cannot save loaded pattern

I’ve been downloading some patterns onto my phone, then connecting to the pb access point WiFi, and going to edit/open file to load new pattern and hit “save new”.

I’ve got the “music Sequencer v3” here, it opens the file, and generates the preview, but the “save new” is greyed out.

I thought it might be related to storage space (how may patterns can I fit on a pb?)

So I started deleting patterns, including the “posterise+music Sequencer”. Which appears to be the same thing without all the extra patterns in… I must have deleted at least 10 patterns, but it still won’t let me save the music Sequencer for v3

What gives?

ok i figured that out - i didnt see the two lines i had to delete from the code to enable it…

however this leads to another question… has anyone optimised this pattern to work with the sensor board internal microphone? it states that its designed to work with a line-in and the internal mic may give odd results.

however i wish to use it with the internal mic.

initial tests show it does not respond very well to music at sane volumes, and by that i mean, levels where you have to shout to be heard.

… i can get decent reactions from it by flicking the microphone in time to the music but thats not exactly “ideal”

any tips on how to get it working? the ideal of course would be a “sensitivity” slider in the ui, so it could be tweaked for the environment or source used.

Alternatively I guess I could try to run a cable from a spare output on the mixer to the line in… If there is a spare output/long enough cable.


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There are a few coefficients that will need to be turned up in the code. I can certainly show how to make a slider that amplifies the overall mic signal (I’m not at my laptop right now), but the other coefficients have to do with things like the expected tempo and how often you expect to react to a beat vs high frequency noise like a high hat or cymbals.

No matter what, you’ll need to edit the code itself at the end to set the sequence of patterns you want to use. Since this can be a frustrating experience on a touch device right now, I just wanted to suggest that if you at all can, try to use something like a laptop to tune the coefficients in your copy of the music sequencer.

thanks Jeff, that would be great. i did have a fiddle myself, tried playing with the line

var scaledEA = energyAverage << 4

which seemed a likely place to tweak, but i didnt see much change, varying it between 0.1 and 100