Can't paste into Editor on iOS

Is this a known issue?

I can select, use the tree dots menu to copy, but Paste never appers in the three dots menu.

Similarly, if I copy elsewhere in iOS, the three dots menu does not offer paste, nor can I paste with the system long-press menu.

I am trying to copy the Beating Hearts to a PB, because it is not yet in the pattern repository as an .EPE. Downloading another EPE, escaping all newlines with \n, and pasting that into the EPE does not work, as the editor complains it is not a valid file. So I am not sure how to paste a pattern in if it is not in the main pattern repository.

Not a known issue, maybe a new ios incompatibility? What version are you running?

Can you post to your ios version details? I’m ll try to repro.

Oh, I had replied with the version, not sure why the post isn’t here.

16.6, iPhone 12 Pro.

A separate issue is that, when editing, entering text causes the scroll position to jump such that the line being edited is under the keyboard, forcing one to type blind. This is especially true if one has multiple sliders going, taking up screen space at the top. I think this doesn’t happen in every program and I haven’t fully characterized when it does and when it doesn’t happen. I can provide more details in future.

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