Can't select black with rgbPicker

Here’s my minimalist test case. I couldn’t get the picker to set this to black (0,0,0) no matter
what I tried. White (1,1,1) works fine – upper left corner of any color. Am I missing something obvious?

This was running on a Pixelblaze 2, with v2.28 firmware. It behaves the same way on a Pixelblaze 3 with the latest firmware though.

export var r1 = 0.1;
export var g1 = 0.1;
export var b1 = 0.1;

export function rgbPickerRGB(r,g,b) {
  r1 = r; g1 = g; b1 = b;

export function render(index) {

Same here.

Looks like the Picker only reaches zero in two corners, and then only for the blue component. Sliders work as expected.

While building a test fixture, I also found that the editor mistakenly interprets variables that start with slider as UI sliders.

TEST_ UI slider range.epe (2.5 KB)

Looks like an update to the color picker library fixes things. I’ll include that in the next update. Thanks for the report!

@pixie , yes, controls work by invoking a sequence of magic words (export + one of the UI control words at the start). :mage: Invoking these magic words together with variables that aren’t intended to be UI controls may product harmless, if unexpected, results.